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Client Testimonial



The above building was a first of its model in repair amounting to reconstruction in M.S. Structure. The same was remodeled in the year 1987. A unique design for beams was made by Mr.Kadiani by making a castellated beam which had reduced the weight and section of the beam without compromising on the structure requirement.

This had save cost of the structure and ultimately the cost of construction.This was a unique design by Mr.Kadiani which was done in Raghavji Building and it has become a talk of the town in Engineering circles, a castellation of Isection can done where depth of the beam was increased without increasing the weight of the section.

Sir, the above model what we adopted in Raghavji Building has proved to be a successful model and even after more than 30 years, the structure is still safe and sound. This reflects the quality of a Structural Engineer who thinks out of the box and tries to save the cost of construction of a client and always comes up with a unique design.


Sir in the above property, you had created a special foundation which was known as a beam raft foundation. The above foundation was planned as we had a basement in the property for car parking and to control the water up thrust and the structural load of the building.

The above foundation was planned by you. This proved to be a unique foundation and a very successful foundation. There was least settlements in the structure after construction which again proved to be a successful foundation.


The above property was developed in the year 1992 which got completed in 1995. The building was a Ground + 7 storied building. However, the soil strata was sandy and the sub soil water was high.

After the structure was planned and the foundation pit was dug out, we were not able to get the required bearing capacity of the soil for the foundation on the existing surface.

A unique foundation was again created wherein we created a base of rubble concrete foundation with a depth of almost 900 cms. and then individual foundations were casted on the rubble concrete base. The above model increased the bearing capacity of the soil which saved the hassles of piling for a small project which could have made the project financially unviable. The above thought process really made the project viable.

Now the building is almost 25 years old and still stable and safe.


Dear Shk Mustansir,

On behalf of Saifee Burhani Upliftment Trust, I would like to take this opportunity to express gratitude to you and your team for the hard work, support and dedication exhibited towards the completion of “Muffadal Shopping Arcade”.

It is the first commercial transit in the city of Mumbai and we have successfully created benchmark for the city.

The trust admires the high standard of workmanship that you have maintained while completing the project in an incredible time span of only 90 days. The Arcade is highly appreciated for its unique design and excellent interior finishes by tenants, media and all the other stakeholders. None of this would have been possible without your commitment and expertise.

We appreciate time and efforts you and your team have put in throughout the execution of the project.

Thanking You

Abbas Master