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Bridges, Aqueducts And Subways

A) C.C. bridge and subway at Tolani Marine Institute, Talegaon
B) Sub consultancy for prestressed concrete bridge at Surat with M/s Khambaty Vani & Associates-Ahmedabad.
C) Details of jobs done with M/s STUP Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

  1. Standardization of ten bridges for government of Gujarat considering well, pile and open foundations and different super structure prestressed concrete spans.

Structural design for different foundations was done by myself and approval for the same was obtained by Govt.of Gujarat by explaining to them complete design calculations. Work involved doing the river discharged calculations and designing as per IRC codes for class “A” loading including Earthquake and Wind as per government requirements

  1. Repairs to a 30m. span prestressed concrete bridge over river ANAS near Godhra.

Longitudinally prestressed cables for the girders had corroded as the prestressing was improperly done. Our work involved assessing the amount of damage, calculating the amount of live load it could take at present and providing a solution by (a) either limiting the traffic load on bridge from “A” to class “B” or (b) external prestressing of the girders so that it could be used for the loading originally designed for.

  1. Syphon Aqueducts on river Men and river Ashwin for irrigation department.

The work was in the initial stages of planning for the thickness and of the barrels for the Syphon Aqueducts, providing an estimated cost etc.

  1. 32m prestressed concrete box Aqueducts on river Damanganga with hollow circular piers on open foundations.

Structural R.C.C design for the piers and foundations was done considering the river flow parameters, earthquake, wind and aqueduct loading. The super structure consisted of a box with canal water flowing from within and class “A” IRC traffic moving on top. The box was designed on the computer for transverse loading and was prestressed longitudinally. Neoprene bearing pads supporting the girders were also designed for.